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Our DNA, which governs the development of Kadjoo, is the deep belief in the importance of play in the development of children and the power of play-based learning (PLB).

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What is it about?

Game-based learning (GBL) is primarily based on “learning by playing”, that is, using games as tools to support learning, enjoyment, and bonding. social, exploration of the world and educational motivation for the acquisition of the skills necessary for life, not only in the family, social and cultural domain but also in the school environment. In this educational approach, play is an essential element in the learning of children and young people, creating a dynamic, fun and very motivating learning context both for the children and for all those who accompany them, from the teaching staff of educational centers to their families and colleagues in the daily adventure of life!

Support for education professionals

If you wish to deepen the APB approach and implement it within your class or your establishment, contact us so that we can define how we could support you in this direction through personalized training and support for educational teams .

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