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"Let's play to make the world happier "

About us

Located in Brussels (Belgium) in the heart of Europe, KADJOO is a company that works to offer everyone access to high-quality B2B games, toys and educational materials. While promoting the pedagogy of play as an educational, social and cultural tool of primary importance in the development of children.

What do we do?


We work mainly between Europe and Latin America by offering our clients specific support in the choice of products based on their context and commercial and educational approach.

Our team does everything to meet the specific needs of each project. For more information or general inquiries, contact us now.




Belgium - Europe 

66 rue de la commune  

1210 Bruxelles


Tel: +32 489 753 243




Bolivia - Latin America                                                


8vo Anillo y Cristo Redentor Sector  Remanzo II #7  


Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Tel: +591 76 66 25 06

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